Fredericton Kindness Week Monday, February 12th 2024 to Friday, February 16th 2024

  • Fredericton Kindness Week

    Join us in celebrating the little acts that make our community shine, spreading smiles and positive vibes far and wide. Share in the joy all week using #FrederictonKind with our vibrant community, and let's turn Fredericton into Canada's Kindness Capital! The third week of February, celebrated as National Kindness Week, is our opportunity to shine a spotlight on the countless acts of kindness that define our fantastic community. Participating in Kindness Week means joining a collective effort to make someone else’s day brighter in Fredericton. Let's team up in spreading kindness throughout our wonderful community this winter—perform random acts and inspire others to do the same. Whether you're an individual, a business, or part of a non-profit, let's come together to showcase what we all know: Fredericton is a city overflowing with kindness. This initiative is powered by everyone, for everyone. Because here in Fredericton, kindness is the magic that binds us all.