Wednesday, 01 November 2017 11:30

Try our NEW streaming service "Listen Live" on 95.7 The Wolf, Rocking Blues Radio

95.7 The Wolf, Rocking Blues Radio has Upgraded our Streaming Services !

New Streaming Service now on line - Check out the "Listen Live" button on our website, it will now take you to our new streaming services.

This service now provides the name of the artist and the song title while it is playing and, we will soon be adding a history of the previous 45-60 minutes of songs played.

You may need to clear your cache and/or cookies if you are using a previously bookmarked link to our website!  Anything saved previously may not automatically tune into the new stream.

Once you get there, you will see a box in the upper right hand corner telling you "Now Playing song and artist" and, when you click on "Listen Live" a smaller player will open up showing the artist name and song title.  Click the arrow and you're Rocking The Blues on 95.7 The Wolf.

Works on all your web enabled devices.  Thanks for listening and ENJOY!